You can attempt this Just For Fun routine too!

Hi there! So, a friend recently asked me why am I still so interested in skipping after doing it for so long. She laments that she gets bored after skipping for just 5 minutes.

“The secret,” I told her, “is to skip to music!”

Aside from skipping with friends, when I am working out alone at home, I usually put on some music and skip along. However, I don’t just skip ‘normally’ to music. By ‘normally’ here, I mean just performing one type of jump (usually the Single Bounce) throughout the music.

I will ‘choreograph’ a mini jump rope routine and try to ‘perform’ it to the music. I feel that this adds variety to my jump rope workout, and allows me to try out new jump rope skills. In this way, I get to burn calories, and work on my agility and coordination too!

Maybe you’d like to try that too? I have uploaded a short jump rope routine below. Try and follow along!

There are several ways to skip along:

1. You may first follow the video without a rope.

2. You may wish to practise the skills featured in the video individually, before attempting to skip along. I have listed the links to the various skills at the end of this post.

3. You may skip along without jumping through the rope. Do rope turns by holding both handles in one hand and skipping along with the video.

4. And finally, of course, skip along with me by jumping through the rope.

The routine (click on the links to the videos of the individual skills)

Phrase A

1 x 8: Straddle, knee up, toad, toad

2 x 8: 360, swing cross, swing cross

3 x 8: Side straddle, front straddle, high knee crossover

4 x 8: Crougar, 360, swing and bounce

Phrase B

1 x 8: Swing cross, swing cross, heel to toe

2 x 8: 360, heel to heel

3 x 8: Criss cross, single foot bounce

4 x 8: Swing cross, EB, swing cross EB


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