Learn the EB


This week we shall learn another jump rope cross – the EB. I’m not sure how that name came about but I have always known it as the EB.

The EB is a cross with one arm in front and another at the back. Beginners often find that when they attempt the EB, the rope does not seem to go over their head. To execute the EB successfully requires the skipper to turn both wrists at the same time, as they bring their arms into position.

Start off by bringing your arms into the EB position, ensuring that the rope goes over your head first. You need not jump yet. Just keep practising the turn until the rope forms a nice loop and goes over your head. When that happens, you know you are turning the rope correctly. Only then do you attempt to jump.

The EB is a skill that pairs nicely with an arm wrap or a swing cross. Have fun!


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