Butt Jump

This week we are going to learn to jump rope on our butts!

I’ve received a couple of requests from my students to do a tutorial on the Butt Jump. Intrigued as they are by the skill, most beginners have the impression that the Butt Jump is a difficult skill, or even a painful skill to perform. On the contrary, the Butt Jump isn’t painful nor do you need not suspend your butt in the air for too long. Remember, the skipping rope is only a few mm thick!

There are 2 factors that are needed to be able to perform the Butt Jump successfully:

  1. Turning the rope and lifting your butt with the correct technique, and
  2. Timing

Sounds like every other jump rope skill isn’t it? 🙂

In this video, I demonstrate the Squat Jump as a progression to the Butt Jump. Both the Squat and Butt Jumps use the same rope turning technique. The Squat Jump is much easier to perform and helps a beginner acquire the technique of turning the rope correctly, without worrying about how to lift one’s butt. Once you have acquired the correct rope turning technique, you should practice butt jumping without the rope first. After you manage to lift your butt in the air for a split second, you may try to attempt the Butt Jump with the rope. Watch the video and you will know what I mean!

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