Do everything… BACKWARDS!

Hi everyone!

We have been learning some new skills and I am sure you have been skipping hard. However, do you ever feel like your jump rope workout is stagnating? Rope skipping helps your agility, balance and coordination, but as you get more proficient in executing some of the moves or footwork, your body adapts and you do not work as hard as when you are first learning a new skill.

A simple way to get your body working hard again is simply by performing whatever jump rope footwork or skill you have mastered, BACKWARDS! That is, instead of turning your rope forward, turn it backwards, and perform those same footwork. You will get your body working hard again to adapt to the new moves, simply by changing the direction of your turn. In this week’s video, I work on 5 basic jump rope moves with rope turning back instead – Bell, Skier, Front Straddle (Scissors), Side Straddle (Jacks) and Cross.

If you are not accustomed to backward skipping, you may feel as if you are learning a new skill all over again. However, the basics are the same:

  • Keep your arms low and close to your body.
  • Turn with your wrists and forearms instead of turning the entire arm!
  • Bounce low.

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