Australian Rope Skipping Championships (Brisbane 7-9 April 2014)

Hi guys!

Sorry for the 2-week hiatus! I was away in Brisbane for a while, chaperoning some local skippers who participated in the Australian Rope Skipping Championships.

Here are some photos of my weekend there. I’d like to upload some awesome rope skipping performances but from my understanding, some of the competitors will also be competing in the World Championships, so I’m not going to risk infringing any copyright issues here and I promise to upload some once the WCs are over!

Junior skippers learning jump rope skills from the more experienced skippers

Learning how to perform the Crougar
Experiencing freestyle double dutch



And some friendships were forged
And some friendships were forged


These are some of the pictures taken from my camera… If you’d like to view more pictures from the competition, do ‘Like’ Skipping Queensland’s facebook page!

I’ll be uploading a Learn with Me video soon! Stay tuned!

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