Learn with Me – TS (Cross behind the back)

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Once you have mastered the basic Crossover (cross with arms in front of your body), try the TS, which is a cross with arms behind your back.

This skill looks difficult but is actually rather simple once your get your timing and arm position correct. As with all crosses, it is important to practise crossing your arms, in this case, behind your back, and rotating your wrists such that the rope is able to flip over your head. I always tell my students, “The rope isn’t going to move unless you turn it with your wrists!”

Another thing to note is to try to cross your arms ‘big’. Try to create as big a cross with your arms behind your back as you can. That way, the rope will form a big enough loop to flip over your body.

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  1. Do you use standard length ropes for all your videos? (i.e. handles reaching up to underarms). Some tricks appear to be easier with longer ropes :S

    1. Hi Julia,

      I usually use my long handle freestyle rope or a beaded long handle rope. Both are the same length except I sometimes use the beaded rope for some videos as it is more visible. It should be easier to perform the skills with the regular freestyle rope compared to beaded as beaded ropes are heavier. Hope this helps!

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