Double Unders Variations

Hi everyone!


Last week I uploaded a video on basic double unders. As mentioned, a double under involves turning the rope twice in one jump. This week, we look at two variations of double unders – the Swing Cross double unders and Crossover double unders. Similar to a basic double unders, these two variations also involves turning the rope twice in one jump. If you haven’t mastered the basic double unders, please watch the video on how to do so here – Basic Double Unders.

In a Swing Cross double under, we will perform a swing and a cross in one jump, whereas in a Crossover double under, we will perform two crosses in one jump. The mechanics of jumping is the same as the basic double unders. For beginners, remember to keep feet together with toes pointing up during the jump and avoid turning with the entire arm. At best, the turning action should be done by your wrists or at your elbows, not at the shoulders.

In this video, I demonstrate the two variations of double unders. Once you have mastered them, do challenge yourself by attempting to perform the various double unders consecutively.


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