Learn with Me – Double Unders

Hi everyone!

This week, I will be sharing with you some tips on how to master the Double Unders. A double under involves turning the rope twice in one jump. The Double Unders is an athletic jump and is a form of soft plyometrics that athletes and fitness enthusiasts perform regularly in their workout regime.

This jump rope skill is not as difficult as it seems and can be mastered with the following pointers in mind:

  • As with all jumps, keep arms relaxed, elbows slightly bent and use your wrists to turn instead of the entire arm.
  • Keep feet together when jumping. This allows you to use power from your hips instead of just your legs.
  • As seen in the video, for a start, point your toes up when you jump, and land softly on your toes. This engages your hips and trunk muscles, allowing you to have more “air time”.

Beginners usually ‘forget’ to rotate the rope twice. This can be countered by counting “Turn turn” or “1,2” and focus on turning the rope quickly, twice.

I highly recommend using the 3-Step Breakdown method as seen in the video, i.e., practise jumping without the rope, followed by holding both handles in 1 hand, and finally attempting the Double Unders in the rope. This method will help the skipper to adopt the correct form instead of picking up bad habits.

Happy skipping!

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