Learn with Me – Creepy Crawly

Hi there!

The skill we are going to learn this week is a non-jumping skill. I am not too sure what the actual name of this skill is but I call it the Creepy Crawly.

The Creepy Crawly is something like the Side Swing, except in the Creepy Crawly, you lift up one knee while side swinging. You may wonder why do you need to learn a non-jumping jump rope skill. The Creepy Crawly helps to build some correct techniques and habits which will be useful when you progress to learn other intermediate jump rope skills.

The Creepy Crawly, when performed correctly, helps one to acquire the habit of lifting one’s knee up to the chest (which will be useful when learning skills such as the Toad and Elephant). Many beginner skippers tend to bend forward towards their knees instead of bringing their knees up to their chest. This results in bad posture and unsuccessful attempts at one-foot jump tricks.

While performing the Creepy Crawly, take note of the following:

  • Bring your knee up towards your chest, instead of stooping forward towards the ground.
  • Turn your wrists!
  • One handle should be behind the knee, while the other is swinging from outside the body.

Happy skipping!


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