SkipFit Cardio Workout with Bullfrog Skills – 1


Now that you have learnt the jump rope skills in the Bullfrog list, let’s piece some of them together to get a rope skipping workout to music!

The skills featured in this SkipFit Cardio Workout are:
– Double Bounce
– One-Foot Hop
– Single Bounce
– Arm Wrap

We will also add in some squats with jumprope in this workout.

Breakdown of SkipFit Cardio Workout (Bullfrog) -1:

  • 16 x Double Bounces
  • 8 x One-foot hop (Each leg)
  • 8 x Single Bounces, followed by Arm Wrap
  • 8 x Bounce & Squat

Perform the above 3 times.

The FUNskip Awards System is a rope skipping awards system to help rope skippers learn skipping in a progressive and enjoyable way.

The Bullfrog Skills list is for the beginner skipper. It features simple footwork as well as basic handle release and wrap.

More about the FUNskip Award System, visit

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