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You’re starting on a jump rope routine and I suppose it is timely to share with you the benefits of rope skipping, especially how great a fat burning exercise it is. If your goal is to lose weight, get fit, or simply to exercise more often, you may wish to consider rope skipping.

I’m sure you’ve heard that rope skipping can burn twice as many calories than jogging! Just 10 minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to a 1.5km run or 20 minutes of high impact aerobics. Furthermore, a recent study in Japan shows that participants who jumped rope showed greater appetite suppression than participants who cycled. Apparently the Victoria Secret models jumped rope to get in shape for their fashion show too!

So we all know the benefits of rope skipping. Now, I’d like to share with you some tips to help you get started.

1. Rope selection – You need to pick the right rope. For beginners, my suggestion is to avoid selecting weighted ropes such as beaded ropes or ropes that are too light like cloth ropes. Look for a rope that has a cord that is made from something like plastic & rubber such as these:

SkipFit Jump Ropes - Available on
SkipFit Jump Ropes – Available on

Also, try not to tie a knot at the handles as it will impede the rotation of the cord around the handle. Your rope should be able to turn freely inside the handle. The rope I use, as well as the SkipFit ropes, have a snap-lock mechanism that allows one to adjust the rope’s length without having to tie a knot. The length of the handle is a matter of personally preference. Long handles (about 8 inches) are preferred if you like to do jump rope tricks. The usual handle length (4-6 inches) will suffice for beginners.

2. Rope length – Having a rope that is too long or too short will build poor jump rope habits. You need to ensure that the length of the rope is appropriate for your height. You can do this by standing in the middle of the rope, and make sure that the handles come up to your armpits when you raise them towards your chest.

Handles should reach the armpits.
Handles should reach the armpits.

3. Bounce, don’t JUMP! I know, we call it JUMP rope, but for a start, focus on bouncing softly instead of jumping. Technically, you should be landing on the balls of your feet, with your knees slightly bent, instead of landing flat on the entire foot & locking your knees. But I know, that’s too much info if you are just starting to skip, so I say, focus on BOUNCING SOFTLY.

Bonus Tip: How to keep your jump rope so that the cord does not become curly fries.

NEVER, EVER COIL YOUR CORD AROUND THE HANDLES! Doing so will guarantee that your cord will become curly fries the next time you use your rope.

Wrong way to keep skipping rope
Wrong way to keep skipping rope

The correct way to keep your rope is to hang it up, or if you have to keep it in a drawer or bag, just fold the cord into half and tie a loose knot.

Tie a loose knot and keep your rope.
Tie a loose knot and keep your rope curl-free!

There you have it, some tips to get you started on skipping. For absolute beginners, you may wish to start with the skills featured in this video:

May 2014 be a year of good health for everyone!

PS: Someone asked me what rope I use. Here’s the link to it –

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