Learn skipping the right way!

grasshopper funskipMany of us remember our first rope skipping experience in school where the teacher simply gave us a rope (often a lousy one!) and told us to “Go ahead and jump” with no further guidance. Some of us got frustrated after continually getting tangled up in the rope, some become averse to skipping after being whipped by the rope continually. Then there are others who managed to skip, but develop bad habits such as jumping too high and landing incorrectly, resulting in injuries.

Learn skipping the right way with the FUNskip Awards System, which is a rope skipping awards system to help rope skippers learn skipping in a progressive and enjoyable way.

The first award is the Grasshopper Award. To achieve this award, beginners will have to master 10 out of 12 skills from the Grasshopper Skills list. The Grasshopper Skills list is for the absolute beginner. It consists of only rope turns and do not require one to start jumping through the rope yet. Mastering the skills in this list allows one to focus on learning simple footwork and is best performed to music. Doing rope turns to music allows one to develop the timing required for skipping (i.e., to jump when the rope hits the floor). Only in the next level does one jump into the rope.

Here’s a video of the Grasshopper skills. Try them if you are interested in learning skipping the right way!

After the Grasshopper award comes Bullfrog, followed by Hare, Kangaroo, Gazelle and Puma. Once a skipper reaches the Puma award stage, he or she would have mastered more than 60 different jumps!

More about the FUNskip Award System, visit www.skipfit.net.

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