Chinese Wheel

Chinese wheel
Chinese wheel

One of my favorite types of rope skipping is the Chinese Wheel. I am no expert in it and only know the basics, but attempting it never fails to add a little bit of ‘stress’ to my coordination, which of course cracks both me and my jump rope partner up.

Here’s a super basic video of how the Chinese Wheel looks like:

The Chinese Wheel involves some preparation to get coordinated, or else you will feel as silly as swinging the same arm and same leg while walking. As it involves both hands to turn one after another, an exercise you can try before attempting the Chinese Wheel is to practise turning your hands in an alternating fashion, while counting 1,2,1,2, etc.

I will go and bug Fifi, my Chinese Wheel partner, to practise more with me, and hopefully, be able to do more variations such turns, cross and even switching places while Chinese Wheel-ing! In the meantime, here are some blooper pics:

That's me, almost hitting Fifi in the face with the rope.
That’s me, almost hitting Fifi in the face with the rope.
Getting all tangled up
Getting all tangled up


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