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I’m Bren!

I have been teaching rope skipping since 2010. Prior to that, I was pretty much a typical ‘office lady’. I did no other sports and my idea of getting a workout was to walk my dogs. Although I was working in a sports company, my job function was mainly administrative. One day, one of the male jump rope coach requested for me to tag along with his coaching sessions as he needed a female ‘spotter’. Freestyle rope skipping requires skippers to acquire some basic gymnastics skills and it would be more appropriate for a female to ‘spot’ another female student during their drills.

From that day on, my love affair with rope skipping began.

The school I went to was one of the top rope skipping schools at that time. The students I met were really good skippers! They were my rope skipping coaches. After assisting them with their gymnastics drills, I would hang around watching them practice their jump rope moves. I would then return home to practice some of the skills. Noticing my increased interest in rope skipping, the company eventually trained me to teach rope skipping to the general public.

Shortly after, some ex-skipper/students, together with a couple other colleagues and myself, met up regularly to practice. We then decided to form our own rope skipping performance team – Team Skipaholics. Our first gig together was for the promotion of a ladies’ body firming cream. We performed 8 times over the stretch of Orchard Road. That truly honed our performance skills!

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I started to make some ‘How to’ skipping videos on YouTube as a result of requests from friends and students. They commented that some of the jump rope skills they found on YouTube are much too advance for them to follow. They have requested for me to upload some ‘How to’ videos, but catered to those who have just learnt how to skip, do not know how to skip yet, or those who know just the basic bounce but wouldn’t mind learning more.

This marked the beginning of the Learn to Skip series on my YouTube channel – Skip with Bren.

Here are 20 jump rope footwork for you to try! In the video below, I demonstrate the use of the 3-Step Breakdown to learn any jump rope footwork.

Thank you for stopping by and please head on over to my YouTube channel- Skip with Bren or connect with me on Instagram @skipwithbren. Everyone can jump rope, let’s have fun together!

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